The Washington Times - March 30, 2009, 05:48PM

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton confirmed Monday that the U.S. government is no longer using the Bush administration’s term “war on terror.”

She made the remark during a briefing to reporters on her way to The Hague, where she will participate in an international conference on Afghanistan Tuesday. The gathering will also be attended by Iran.


“The administration has stopped using the phrase [“war on terror”], and I think that speaks for itself, obviously,” Mrs. Clinton said. Asked if that was a deliberate decision, she added: “I haven’t heard it used. I haven’t gotten any directive about using it or not using it. It’s just not being used.”

She also said that Washington will offer $40 million in assistance to Afghanistan to organize successful elections later in the year. The State Department welcomed the Afghan Supreme Court’s decision to extend President Hamid Karzai’s term by three months until the August vote.