The Washington Times - April 7, 2009, 12:02PM

I don’t know if this has been written in previous Baltimore Orioles media guides, but I found this little passage in the 2009 Orioles media guide under the entry for owner Peter Angelos:

“In conjunction with Major League Baseball’s relocation of the Nationals in Washington, D.C. (Lovey note: Actually, it was the relocation of the Montreal Expos. They didn’t become the Nationals until they came to Washington), Mr. Angelos, refusing to allow the division or diminution of the Orioles exclusive television territory, offered instead to share the Orioles exclusive television territory with the Nationals and form a jointly owned regional sports network that would professional produce and present the games, shows and programming of both teams throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and the seven-state region served by MASN.”


Does Angelos have no shame?

It’s one thing to strong-arm baseball into handing over the television rights to your rival. It’s another thing to list it among your personal accomplishments as some sort of noble act.


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