The Washington Times - August 6, 2009, 09:03AM

Sports betting will start in Delaware next month. Bet on it. It is a sure thing.

On Wednesday, a federal judge turned down an emergency request by the top four professional sports and the NCAA to stop it.


That means sports betting will start at the state’s casinos in time for the NFL season.

A trial on the lawsuit by the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and the NCAA will start on Dec. 7. But it is a loser bet.

As you drive down Interstate 95 in Delaware, there is a Dover Downs billboard that says, “Sports betting coming soon.”

This is just the beginning. Delaware was exempt from the federal ban against legalized sports betting, but New Jersey, which is not, is going to court to have the ban overturned.

That’s a winner, too.

Will Maryland, the District or Virginia have the smarts to step up quickly and make a move before everyone around them has beat them to the betting window?


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