The Washington Times - July 25, 2009, 08:46AM

   Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner, in an interview with, said he believes the media has been unfair to his family by not pointing out all the good work the organization does.
     “I think the sense of fairness that allows reporters criticism of our performance on the field also requires a fairness about the good works we do in the neighborhood,” Lerner said. “We recently hosted a huge D.C. high school baseball program at Nationals Park that allows all area D.C. public high school baseball teams to practice on our Major League field was all but ignored by our daily newspapers.”
     Well, let me fix that for him. I want to commend the Nationals for the high school program they ran Friday night at Nationals Park. They did not publicize it, but it was obvious that they gave a bunch of high school baseball players the chance of a lifetime by putting on National uniforms — even letting them wear the jerseys of Nationals players — and take the field in a real major league game.
     Okay, they lost to the San Diego Padres 6-2. And okay, they played like you would expect high school kids to play, committing four errors. But you have to commend the Lerners for this program. It’s all about the kids.



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