The Washington Times - June 25, 2009, 12:27AM

One of the leftover items from my interview with Boston Red Sox owner and former Washington-Baltimore sports exec Larry Lucchino was his reaction to competing with the Washington Nationals this winter to sign Mark Teixeira, who wound up signing an eight-year $180 million contract with the New York Yankees.

“That was a surprise,” Lucchino said. “We didn’t expectt that one of the most active and aggressive competitors in that free agency would be the Nationals. “We knew there would be a number of teams. But the Nationals, from where I sat, they were fast out of the box, aggressive all the way and made a hell of an effort.”


In other Lovey Land news, I guess I am obliged to report that ESPN 980’s Steve Czaban beat me Monday in the Hillbilly Putter challenge at Country Club at Woodmore, as part of the radio station’s “True Heroes” charity golf tournament.

Using the “Hillbilly Putter” — a golf club made out of pieces of a tree that I picked up at a souvenir shop in North Carolina — while I used any clubs I wanted, Czaban beat me for one hole as my ball wound up in the water off the green while he putted in with a 12, or something resembling that. He even managed to overcome the Hillbilly Putter breaking in two on one shot, managing to tape it together.

I may have to get him at a duckpin bowling alley to get my revenge.


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