The Washington Times - May 13, 2009, 10:38AM

I was driving to Reagan National Airport to pick someone up during game seven of the Washington Capitals-New York Rangers game, and listened to Capitals radio broadcaster Steve Kolbe call the action.

It was like he was announcing The Creation.


It was great — thrilling, exciting, edge of your seat calls, even with a steering wheel in the way.

I didn’t grow up listening to hockey on the radio. I did grow up listening to baseball, and know how valuable a great radio broadcaster can be to take someone from wherever they are listening and put them in the stadium, or in this case, the arena.

Kolbe does that. He is a treasure.

When I told him a few days later how much I enjoyed listening to his game seven broadcast, Kolbe said, “At the start of the playoffs, I said I had four game sevens in me.”

Wednesday night is the second. For those fans who won’t be at the Verizon Center or watching on television somewhere, tune in on the radio. Kolbe is the next best thing to a ticket.


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