The Washington Times - May 6, 2009, 12:30PM

Each year major league baseball teams put out a media guide — a thick book filled with all sorts of information about the history of the team, their ballpark, their players, records and statistics and other facts about the franchise.

They are often used primarily for player statistics and team historical notes when such topics are relevant to whatever is going on today. But these media guides can often disclose information about an organization’s internal politics — sometimes from what is there and sometimes from what is not there.


For instance, missing from the Washington Nationals 2009 media guide is any reference to someone who was a very prominent figure in the organization, at least in terms of being the leading spokesman for the team in what the Lerners and Stan Kasten have both said is an important part of the Nationals — community service.

Alphonso Maldon is gone.

He was there in 2008, listed as the senior vice president, external affairs.

Maldon is still the president of the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, the fund-raising arm of the franchise. But he is no longer part of the Nationals hiearchy.

That makes three senior vice presidents — Maldon, Mike Shapiro (business affairs) and Tom Ward (also listed in 2008 as the chief financial officer) — who have left the team since the 2008 media guide was published. No official word from the organization about any of those departures. — and no replacements, at least with those titles, according to the 2009 media guide.

None of them, you notice, are named Lerner.

Maldon is one of the minority owners of the team as well, and is still listed in the media guide as one of nine founding partners. He could not be reached for comment.


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