The Washington Times - October 6, 2009, 08:39AM

What a time to be a Minnesota sports fan — Brett Favre leading the Vikings on Monday Night Football to a win over the rival Packers — his former team — and then the Twins in a one-game winner-take-all playoff against the Detroit Tigers today.

Favre has pretty much erased for now all the ill will he created in the off season with his retire-unretire soap opera with his play. To his credit, once we all got a chance to see him on the field, we pretty much fell in love again with Brett Favre.


But I have maintained all along that the Vikings need Favre in December and January, not September and October. If there was ever an NFL quarterback that should have tried the Roger Clemens plan — stay home and rest until later in the season — it is Favre.

I think he has shown that he could step in relatively easily and take over a team and lead them, so I believe he could have worked out on his own and then joined the team for its final run of the season. In that division, the Vikings could have used someone like Sage Rosenfels to caretake the position and keep them competitive enough until Favre got there.

It may or may not have worked, but here is what probably is going to happen this season — Favre will break down as the season goes on and not be able to be effective in the playoffs.

Brett Favre would have been the quarterback to try the December comeback plan.

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