The Washington Times - October 9, 2009, 11:49AM

   Has Washington changed it’s Olympic strategy? Does it now want to host the Winter Olympics?
   Despite striking out several years ago in their quest to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, the District may jump back in the mix for the international boondoggle.
   Only this time, maybe they are going for the winter games.
   Mayor Adrian Fenty, speaking to The Washington Times’ Green & Glover Undercover column, said Tuesday night at reception at the British ambassador’s residence that he remains interested in bidding for the games, despite the beatdown Washington got from the United States Olympic Committee the last time around under Mayor Anthony Williams.
   “It’s still going to happen,” Mayor Fenty said. “We’re going to do it. Maybe 2018.”
   Well, that would be the Winter Olympics, not the summer games.
   Lovey Land suspects that Mayor Fenty was just a little confused, and means 2020. But any year, winter or summer, is a bad bet for the city that hosts the Olympics. They are a nightmare for local residents, wind up costing every host city more money than expected and take money out of the pockets of residents instead of  putting money in.
    In Sydney, businesses there wound up going out of business because they expanded on the promise by Olympic organizers that money would be flowing in for the summer games, only to find out that more people left the city during the two weeks of the 2000 game than came in. I will never forget the mayor of Salt Lake City going on local television during the 2002 winter games there begging people to come downtown and eat at local restaurants, which were empty and hurting.
    Washington fans would be better off if Mayor Fenty wanted to host the 2019 games. There are none.



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