The Washington Times - September 11, 2009, 03:49PM

  In his Thursday column, CBS Sportsline football writer Clark Judge predicted that former Denver coach Mike Shanahan will be an NFL coach again next season, and mostly like will be in Washington.
  Judge wrote, “A source I trust told me the Redskins were prepared to hire Shanahan last spring if they swung the deal for Jay Cutler. Shanahan will return to the NFL no later than next season and, if the Redskins’ offense doesn’t get a pulse, it will be here. Until he took on Jim Zorn, owner Daniel Snyder was all about paying megabucks for high-profile head coaches. Mike Shanahan qualifies.”
   Remarkably, Vinny Cerrato, the Redskins executive vice president of football operations, had Judge on his radio show “Inside the Red Zone,” Friday morning on ESPN 980 and never asked him a word about the report. Nada. In fact, it sounded as if Judge and Cerrato were old friends, based on the interview.
   Now, it is not unreasonable to assume that the source who Judge trusts is Cerrato, based on the tone of the interview. It is more than reasonable to assume that the report was right, whether the source was Cerrato or not. You would think that if it was wrong — and if they were 100 percent behind head coach Jim Zorn — Cerrato would have called Judge out on the report and gone out of his way to refute it. Strange.
   On “The Sports Fix” this week, co-hosted by myself and Kevin Sheehan on ESPN 980, I made my NFL predictions for this season. In the AFC, I picked New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and San Diego to win their respective divisions, with Baltimore and a surprise Houston team getting the wild card positions. In the NFC, I have New York, Chicago, Carolina and Arizona winning their divisions, with Philadelphia and New Orleans as the wild card teams.
    Super Bowl — New England vs. Chicago, as the Patriots and Tom Brady on top again.



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