The Washington Times - July 19, 2012, 03:58PM

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To say June was hot is putting it mildly.  I hope your homes, families and businesses were not seriously affected by storms or power outages. 


The month of June saw continued growth for all aspects of The Washington Times.  Total circulation remains strong and most importantly, sales at retail stores and news racks perform at the highest levels in many years.  This is a solid sign of the continuing importance of Washington Times news, commentary and sports.

Advertising increases in The Washington Times, the National Weekly edition,, and the company’s radio programs were well above national averages for media.  Hyundai Corp., TriWest Healthcare, General Motors, Fidelity and Comcast were just a few of our advertisers reaching audiences via The Times’ multi-media channels. 

Paul Samakow is an attorney concluding six months of continuous sponsorship on the    “Andy Parks…Live from      The Washington Times” show. The Samakow campaign includes a fully integrated broadcast feature, advertising and print/digital inclusion in Andy Parks’ content promotion. The platform works.  In Paul’s words:  “Every single week, after I get off of the radio with Andy I get a call or two from a listener, and usually two or three emails asking for my book.” 

Greater Washington Board of Trade Business reports are airing.  Greater Washington Board of Trade President and CEO Jim Dinegar has joined Andy Parks to address Board business, as well as key regional topics, including the Regional Consumer Confidence Index.

The Washington Times/CPAC straw poll held at the CPAC/Chicago meeting with 2,500 people attending in early June was a major highlight.  The poll was designed to determine the preference of those at the meeting for the Vice President on the Republican ticket in November, as well as to capture sentiment on important issues.  As was the case in CPAC/Washington in February, Florida Senator Marco Rubio had the largest number of votes. 

The Washington Times/CPAC straw poll was picked up and attributed on CBS News, USA Today, Fox News, HotAir, the Drudge Report, Democratic Underground,,,, The Blaze, and many more yet another sign of the worldwide reach and influence of The Washington Times

Also at CPAC, I had the privilege of addressing the group on the importance of The Washington Times and the national reach of and   The Times’ Ralph Hallow participated in a panel addressing the current issues on the campaign trail.  Not only did Ralph offer excellent insights, he brought down the house with his sense of humor.

By special invitation of the Washington, DC chapter of the Rotary International Club, Washington Times President Thomas P. McDevitt spoke at its 100th anniversary at the University Club.   Mr. McDevitt provided a synopsis of   our progress at The Washington Times, our position in the marketplace and   our future plans for multi-platform expansion to over 200 attendees that included international representatives as well as executive level corporate and nonprofit officers. 

Editorials in June featured exclusive interviews or quotes from Senator Tom Coburn, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. David Camp, Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman Rep. Scott Garrett, Rep. Ben Quayle, and Grover Norquist.

Three Senators, eight Congressmen and two military leaders chose to write op-eds in the pages of The Times this June on key issues ranging from health care to foreign policy and national security:


Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican and Senate Minority Whip

Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, physician and author of “The New Debt Bomb”

Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania and former GOP 2012 Presidential candidate


Rep. Michael C. Burgess, Texas Republican, Congressional Health Care Caucus and physician

Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican and House Judiciary Committee Chairman

Rep. Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee Republican and physician

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Republican and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman

Rep. Ralph Hall, Texas Republican, House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican and former GOP 2012 Presidential candidate

Ronnie Shows, former Democratic House member from Mississippi

J.C. Watts, former Republican House member from Oklahoma

Military Leaders

F. Whitten Peters, Secretary of the Air Force from 1999-2001

Michael W. Wynne, Secretary of the Air Force from 2005-2008

The Times enjoyed upward momentum and new achievements during the month of June.  We would love to hear from you!  Tell us about your company’s new growth as we continue our partnership in expanding business opportunities.

As always, if you have thoughts on how we might better serve your business needs, drop me a note or give me a ring any time. 

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