The Washington Times - April 17, 2009, 04:01PM

DVD sales may be slipping, but the public still seems invested in the movie format.

The Blu-ray generation has yet to kick in, and a new survey released this month shows DVD buyers aren’t done with their disks just yet. They simply want to use them in conjunction with their home computers.


The National Consumers League’s survey of 1,000 consumers, people ages 18-64 who own a personal computer, revealed they want the ability to copy or back up their DVDs to their computers and laptops A whopping 69 percent said they watch DVDs on their computers.

The survey also revealed consumers had to replace lost or damaged DVDs, which makes backing them up even more important for them.

The survey struck me as good news. Perhaps movie streaming won’t replace the DVD format in the next few years. Instead, both DVDs and streamed movies can co-exist, which means my DVD collection won’t be ready for mothballs for at least a few more years