The Washington Times - April 24, 2009, 09:51AM

Could Beyonce rule the box office this weekend like she does the record charts?

Her new film, “Obsessed,” wasn’t screened for critics and seemed to drop onto the film schedule out of nowhere. But its juicy storyline - happily married couple are stalked by a blonde beauty - might be just the ticket for recession-minded audiences.


A safer bet is “The Soloist,” the new Jamie Foxx/Robert Downey, Jr. vehicle originally slated for a December 2008 release. Check it out and you’ll understand why it got bumped. It’s credible, occasionally soaring entertainment, but it’s not Oscar worthy.

The Washington Times’ Kelly Jane Torrance explains why in her review.

Another new release, “The Informers,” takes us back to the dawn of the AIDS virus in Reagan-era America. This is Bret Easton Ellis country, but it’s not a place you’ll want to visit. My WWTW review is actually kinder than most critical tongue lashings.