The Washington Times - June 5, 2009, 10:25AM

The comedy smash of the summer could be declared this weekend.

Three major film comedies hit theaters today, each one offering the potential for major laughs.


“The Hangover,” about four pals who hit Vegas a little too hard and can’t remember the night before, is the likely champion. Smart, button-pushing and worthy of its riotuos trailer, “The Hangover” should win the weekend handily. And great word of mouth could do the rest.

Sonny Bunch applauds the new comedy in today’s Washington Times, while I concur wholeheartedly over at What Would Toto Watch?

Will Ferrell’s latest comic romp, “Land of the Lost,” is spun from the very silly ‘70s show of the same name. Bunch joins a chorus of critics who think Ferrell’s past works far exceeds this sci-fi heavy tale. It’s a bad sign when critics declare a cameo by Matt Lauer is the comic highlight of a film.

Finally, the weekend brings us “My Life in Ruins,” Nia Vardalos’ first Greek-centric comedy since her breakout hit “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Kelly Jane Torrance wishes Vardalos didn’t copy “Wedding” so blatantly in this tepid romantic comedy.