The Washington Times - September 19, 2007, 01:08PM
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Hi everyone — Mark Zuckerman here at last. Sorry for the delayed start. Our lunch with Stan Kasten ran a little long, but I’m here now and ready to take your questions, so let’s get going…From Joe in Sacramento, Calif.:GM Jim BowdenMark Zuckerman:From Barry Prophet in Reston:Mark Zuckerman:NL EastFrom Kristin in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:From NatsFanatic in Centreville:Mark Zuckerman:From Richard in Olney:Mark Zuckerman:From jpsfanandproudof it in Temple Hills, Md.:John PattersonMark Zuckerman:From GoNats in D.C.:Mark Zuckerman:From Art in Richmond:Mark Zuckerman:OK, that appears to be all the questions for this week. Sorry for the delayed start, but thanks again to everyone who sent one in. Remember: Next Wednesday’s our final chat of the season, so please don’t hold back and send me any lingering questions you may have. See you then!