The Washington Times - September 26, 2007, 01:59PM
Hello everyone from Shea Stadium, where it’s far too hot and muggy to be Sept. 26. Feels like mid-July. Wild ballgame last night, with the Nats nearly blowing a 7-run lead in the bottom of the ninth before hanging on to win, 10-9. They’ve now matched their 71-win total from last season. Impressive. OK, let’s get on to your questions. As always, click on the above link to send one in, or e-mail me directly at … From Gary Fogel in Reston: SEE RELATED:

Mark Zuckerman: MLB From Rick Tatro: Mark Zuckerman: Stan Kasten From Brian in Alexandria: Mark Zuckerman: From Tom Perris in Burlington, Ontario: Mark Zuckerman: From Kevin Blanchard: Mark Zuckerman: Washington From Joe in Sacramento: Mark Zuckerman: From Brian: Mark Zuckerman: From Larry in Silver Spring: Mark Zuckerman: From Barry Prophet in Reston: Mark Zuckerman: And with that, we will wrap up the live chat for the regular season. Thank you again to everyone who has submitted questions along the way, and to anyone who has offered kind words and praise throughout the season. It is much appreciated. We haven’t figured out yet what our plan is for the offseason, but my hope is that we’ll do more of these chats, perhaps on a twice-monthly basis or something like that. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy the final four games of the season!