The Washington Times - September 5, 2007, 02:00PM
Greetings, Nats fans, and welcome to another live chat, coming to you live from RFK Stadium (where the big sign in LF says there’s only 11 remaining games). Try not to shed too many tears. Plenty of questions to get to, so let’s get going. As always, click on the link at the top of the screen to submit yours, or e-mail me directly at Here we go… From Barry Prophet in Reston: SEE RELATED:

Mark Zuckerman: From NatsFan#1 in Burke: Mark Zuckerman: Dmitri From Billy T. in Silver Spring: Mark Zuckerman: From NatsFanatic in Front Royal: Jesus Flores Brian Schneider Mark Zuckerman: From Tim: Baltimore Mark Zuckerman: From Brian in Alexandria: Mark Zuckerman: From R.O. in D.C.: Milwaukee Mark Zuckerman: From gilsfan in Utter Chaos: Mark Zuckerman: From Gary Fogel in Reston: Mark Zuckerman: From a Jewish Fan in Fairfax: Mark Zuckerman: OK, that should do it for this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. Talk to you next Wednesday from South Florida!