The Washington Times - February 3, 2008, 05:12PM

\ If you squint carefully and see in the picture a woman in silver pants, it’s Alicia Keys. The pregame entertainment — even though the stands are about 40 percent empty — has gotten underway.\


\ Keys is up first. Jordin Sparks has National Anthem duties and then Tom Petty performs at halftime. I hadn’t heard “American Girl” — the song that will kick off Petty’s 12-minute performance so I got on YouTube … the video that came up was from Live Aid in 1985 and introducing the Heartbreakers was Sonny Crockett himself, Don Johnson.\

\ Not that I’m suggesting Petty has been around the block a couple thousand times.\

\ Just visited the 400 level and sampled the Super Bowl nachos. Good stuff. A funny moment was the person standing behind me in the food line being upset about a bag of Skittles costing $4.\

\ “Why do they inflate the prices?” he asked.\

\ (Duh. It’s the Super Bowl. They could charge $10 for Skittles and some parent will fork it over for some little kid.)