The Washington Times - July 6, 2007, 05:16PM
puts the blame on Woods in his latest column
If this was always just an argument among rich folks on how to give away and divide up money, it is also about hard hearts and selfishness, the pragmatic over the romantic.\ \ It is possible to remember those in-between years, after Tom Watson and before Woods, reigned over by assorted ciphers and the inadequate Greg Norman, when tournaments such as The International were dedicated to the game and the tour was properly grateful for all support.\ \ If golf is Woods and Woods is golf, that’s a whole lot of eggs in one basket, and even the season-summing and gimmicky FedExCup will matter only as long as it matters to Woods, or as long as Woods wins it.\ \ Whatever Woods’ tournament becomes, if it gets storied Congressional as its more or less permanent home as Woods wishes, or if Woods decides he wants his own event on his own course from scratch, there will always be carcasses on the footpath.\ \ And not to gloat or rub it in, but Woods shot 3-over par in the first round Thursday, and if he isn’t careful, he could miss the cut in his own first tournament.\ \ Seems only fair.

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