The Washington Times - December 12, 2008, 12:07PM

If there’s one thing this financial crisis needs, it’s a catchy name, the New York Times is reporting.

News outlets have been able to come up with a moniker that sticks. “Credit crunch” has faded, but the “Great Recession” is gaining ground.


As one TV executive said, if it doesn’t have a catchy name, it doesn’t exist on television. (Hear that, “Chuck?”)

OK, let’s play the name game. How about these suggestions:

“Economic Slide” — kinda like the “Electric Slide” but with fewer steps

“Market Meltdown” — something you might order at a deli with cheese

“Consumption Constipation” — what you get from too many market meltdowns with cheese

“Pessimistic Overcorrection” — an optimistic view of the crisis

“The time everybody lost their jobs and savings” — a literal expression of modern times

“Now” — ditto