The Washington Times - December 18, 2008, 09:55AM

A pilot flying from Cardiff to Paris turned the plane around after telling his passengers that he was not qualified to land the plane in fog, the Agence France Presse is reporting.

That’s honest and perhaps a good safety precaution. Still, it’s not something that you want to hear as a airline passenger.


My son and I play a game in which we try to come up with the “worst” thing a driver could say to you as you’re riding in his car. Here are some of our winners:

“Great! Now the sleeping pills decide to kick in.”

“Technically, this is not my car. Technically, I’m not allowed to drive. Technically, you’re now an accomplice.”

“Would you believe I’ve never had a driving lesson? Or even gotten a license? Not bad for a one-eyed drunk, huh?”

“It’s called narcolepsy, and it only affects me when I … zzzzz”

“If the cops pull us over, run! Don’t look back!”

“Which one is the brake again?”

“My hysterical blindness is acting up again. You be my eyes for me.”

Now we can add: “I’m not qualified to stop this vehicle.”