The Washington Times - December 2, 2008, 10:18AM

A wounded deer attacked the Missouri hunter who had shot it, and the animal ran off before the hunter killed it with two more gunshots, the Star Tribune is reporting.

This is just the start.


It was just a matter of time for the evolution of deer to catch up with the technology of hunters. Deer have learned how to bait hunters into coming near, then — wham! — they strike back with the force of 10,000 years of pent-up aggression.

Soon gangs of deer will lure unsuspecting hunters into dark woods, valleys or alleyways, and then pounce on them or even mug them. Then the deer will develop opposable hooves, and when that happens, we’re all in danger.

Hunting no longer will be a matter of sport. It will be a matter of survival — ours.