The Washington Times - December 26, 2008, 10:40AM

A Beverly Hills doctor has used the fat sucked out of his liposuction patients to fuel his car, Forbes is reporting.

For some reason I keep picturing a panicked Charlton Heston running in the streets shouting: “Soylent Green!  It’s people!  Soylent Green is people!”


Come to think of it, Soylent Green is a good name for an eco-friendly gasoline.  I can picture the commercial now — two neighbors talking over a hedge.

Bob:  “Hey, nice car, Ted.  Looks like a hybrid.  What does it run on?  Hydrogen?  Electricity?”

Ted:  “Marge.  It runs on Marge.”

Remember the old gasoline commercial that told you to “put a tiger in your tank?”  Now you can put a tax adjuster in there — and get 30 miles to the gallon!