The Washington Times - April 10, 2009, 06:51AM

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps was spotted in a New York nightclub drinking straight from a bottle vodka while his mom was promoting her memoirs, the New York Daily News is reporting.

Phelps, who has been mending his reputation after being photographed using a bong, did a little “dance” and yelled “Shots!” repeatedly.  He ordered four bottles of vodka.


We all know that Phelps can swim like a fish.  Shouldn’t we expect him to drink like one too?

Phelps has got to learn to party in private — because his disguises aren’t fooling anybody.

Michael Phelps is a 23-year-old kid who is finally free of the discipline that has ruled the past dozen years of his life after having accomplished the greatest thing he will ever do in his life.  Wouldn’t you drink too?