The Washington Times - April 13, 2009, 09:14AM

Congress is looking into complaints that banks that have received bailout funds are charging higher interest rates and fees, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Bank of America, which received $45 billion in taxpayer money, has nearly doubled some credit card interest rates to 14 percent.  Citigroup, which took $50 billion in federal funds, is offering loans with a 30 percent interest rate.


The banks are saying, “Hey!  What’s the big deal?  This is how we’ve always made money!”

It might seem a little cold for a bank to take money from taxpayers and then charge them more for its services, but … well, um … yeah, that’s cold!

The bankers are telling taxpayers, “Don’t take this personally.  It’s just business.  And right now, business is good.”  The bankers just don’t understand that a simple “thank you” would make it hurt a little less.