The Washington Times - April 15, 2009, 05:43AM

New research has shown that how much people smile in old photographs can predict whether their marriages will last, LiveScience is reporting.

One test rated the intensity of people’s smiles in their college yearbooks.  None of those whose smiles rated in the top 10 percent had divorced, while 1 in 4 of those in the bottom 10 percent had split.


Another test of people over 65 showed that only 11 percent of those with the biggest smiles in their childhood pictures had divorced, while 31 percent of those with frowns in their old pictures had divorced.

The studies show that people who frown in photos are five times more likely to get a divorce than people who smile.

What if you’re frowning in your wedding photos?  That’s bad, isn’t it?

I wonder if you can play catch-up by smiling a lot now.  You know, prepare yourself for your next marriage.

If my high school yearbook photos are an indicator of my marital success, then I really regret wearing that cheerleader’s outfit for the Powder Puff football game.  Again.

I think these studies failed to take into account why people were smiling in their old photos.  Maybe it’s because they weren’t married.

I guess what the researchers are trying to say is that happy people tend to have longer marriages.  Which kinda makes sense.  Common sense.