The Washington Times - April 2, 2009, 09:03AM

Britney Spears is tiring of her dad’s management and is looking to re-establish contact with her former manager, Sam Lufti, People is reporting.

At an L.A. court hearing on extending a restraining order Spears has against Lufti, testimony revealed that the pop star has been trying to contact her former manager without her father’s knowledge.


Take a good look at the situation, Britney.  Since your dad has take charge of your life, you have lost weight and gotten into shape, you have stopped partying and started working, and you’ve stopped being tabloid fodder.  Yeah, it’s time to go back to the old ways.

Hey, Britney.  Look at this way.  Under your dad’s management, you’ve secured visitation rights with your kids, had a couple of hit songs and a hit album, and headed a successful concert tour.  Under Lofti’s managment, you had a reserved bed at an L.A. psych ward.  So it’s kind of apples and oranges.