The Washington Times - April 20, 2009, 08:49AM

President Obama is defending his warm relations with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the recent Americas summit, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

Obama said the 2008 presidential campaign proved that American voters want the president to engage with his counterparts, whether or not they are avowed friends of the U.S., the Times is reporting.


First Chavez criticized Obama, then Fidel Castro told him to lighten up and Chavez hailed Obama.

Then he chastised him again, then later said good things about Obama.

Then Chavez said he was preparing “verbal artillery” for Obama during the summit, but he greeted him with a handshake, a back slap and a book.

Is it me or has Hugo Chavez become Barack Obama’s crazy ex-girlfriend?

It’s international relations like these that show you the “dip” in “diplomacy.”