The Washington Times - April 21, 2009, 11:52AM

Chicago is planning to celebrate the 445th anniversary of William Shakespeare birth on Friday with “talk Like Shakespeare Day,” the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says his city’s residents can “bring the spoken words of Shakespeare into their daily lives.”


The Web site can provide help for translating prose into “Bardish” and for finding Shakespeare’s Twitter feed.

Da Bears.  Da Bulls.  Da Bard.  Catchy.

Why are Chicagoans celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday? He wasn’t from there. He was from Jersey.

I’m trying to picture a bunch of people from the “city of broad shoulders” walking around talking in iambic pentameter.  It’ ain’t a pretty picture.  “For sooth, you want onions on dis chili dog, Mercutio?”

A couplet?  Ain’t dat two small people?

You gotta hand it to Chicago. Dis is a classy move. Dis could make us forget about Rod Blagojevich.

Shakespeare has a Twitter feed? It probably belonged to Christopher Marlowe first.