The Washington Times - April 22, 2009, 05:51AM

Astronomers looking for an Earth-like planet have found a near contender — Gilese 581 e, the BBC is reporting.

The planet, in the Libra constellation, is about twice the size of Earth.  Other planets found outside our solar system are as big as, or bigger than, Jupiter.


Gilese 581 e is too close to its sun to sustain life, and astronomers are continuing their search for Earth’s double.

So Gilese 581 e isn’t really Earth’s twin.  It’s more like a second cousin.  Once removed.

If they ever do find Earth’s twin, can you imagine the sibling rivalry at their reunion?  “Mom always liked you best, Gilese!”

I hope that Earth doesn’t have a twin.  Because a universe that has two O.J. Simpsons, two Rod Blagojevichs and two “Dancing With the Stars” isn’t a universe I want to be a part of.