The Washington Times - April 24, 2009, 09:12AM

Researchers have mixed spider silk with metallic atoms to increase the already significant strength of spider webs, Ars Technica is reporting.

The experiment boosts knowledge of making stronger materials and could lead to bonding metal to biological materials.  Scientist already are looking at ways to make chicken eggs stronger.


Are these guys nuts?  Have they never read a comic book or seen a science fiction movie?  This kind of experimentation always ends badly.  Just ask Dr. Octopus!

Scientists have created a spider web so strong that it can bind a man indefinitely.  They know this because Larry has been wrapped up in his work for a week now.

It could be good having a spider than can spin a metal web.  You could have it do some minor body work on your car.

If you want a stronger egg, you’ve got to have a stronger chicken — and do we really need that?

They’re trying to make a chicken egg so strong that it can’t be broken.  Useful.

Bonding metal to biological materials?  Like what — bones?  I think that’s how Wolverine got his start, and he wasn’t really that jazzed about it.