The Washington Times - April 29, 2009, 06:00AM

Dutch scientists say they have created a tomato that won’t leak its juices when it is sliced, which means the end of soggy sandwiches, ABC News is reporting.

The “Intense” variety was created in a Dutch seed-breeding program and will be sold by the British supermarket chain Tesco. It eventually will come to America via Mexico.


You know, you might wish for a little sogginess in your sandwich if this new tomato tastes like wax paper.  I’m just saying.

I’ll bet that this new, dry tomato doesn’t make great ketchup.  

I had been hoping that scientists were trying to create a “super food” that can be grown plentifully anywhere in the world.  But I guess this dry tomato will do.

Now scientists are working on an onion that won’t make you cry when you cut it and tastes like anchovies — especially for pizza.  Yay, science!