The Washington Times - April 6, 2009, 08:42AM

A new study suggests that dinosaurs developed wings to impress the opposite sex, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

Paleontologists have long wondered why dinosaurs developed wings, speculating that some might have glided down from trees and needed an extra boost.


One biologist said that dinosaurs might have just wanted “to show off how pretty their feathers were.”  Which means they learned to fly by accident.  Sounds like something a guy would do.

I guess that when you’re a dinosaur, you need a little something extra to attract attention.  The line “Hey, look at me.  I’m a dinosaur!” doesn’t work all that well in a room full of dinosaurs.  Still, the wing thing might have been construed as being too much.  “Ooh, look at him.  He thinks he’s God’s gift to dinosaurs just because he’s got wings.  Big deal.  Can he take down a T-rex?  Bet he can’t.”