The Washington Times - April 8, 2009, 06:11AM

Guinness is readying a new beer for its 250th anniversary, the AP is reporting.

Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout will be in U.S. stores April 24. It’s the first new beer Guinness has exported to America since 1960, when it sent us Guinness Draught.


The new beer has a maltier taste and has a slightly higher alcoholic content than Guinness Draught.

There are beers, and then there’s Guinness.  Guinness is a meal.  It’s the only beer you consume with a knife and fork.

They’re saying they created this new beer in honor of Guinness’ 250th anniversary.  But this is really the beer they were trying to brew when they accidentally made Guinness 250 years ago.  That’s my suspicion.

The thing about Guinness is that you can pour yourself a pint at the start of a party and still be drinking that same pint at the end of the party and nobody will call you a lightweight.