The Washington Times - August 18, 2009, 07:37AM

Scientists in Israel have shown that it is possible to fake DNA evidence, weakening the reliability of what has been considered irrefutable proof in criminal cases, the New York Times is reporting.

The scientists created saliva and blood samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the samples. What’s more, given access to a DNA database, the scientists showed they could create a DNA sample to match any profile in the database, the Times is reporting.


Does this mean we have to go back to relying on “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit?”

This is going to force CBS to spin off a new show from its hit crime-procedural franchise — “CSI: Hollywood.”

If someone ever fakes my DNA at a crime scene, I hope they use a sample that makes me look taller.

Lie detector tests are unreliable, photos and videos can be faked, documents can be falsified and now DNA evidence can be fabricated. What investigative tool can anyone trust anymore? Waterboarding?

We have so many investigative tools that we cannot trust. Life was so much easier in biblical times:

Adam: “Uh, Cain. Your brother Abel has been murdered. Did you do it?”

Cain: “No.”

Adam: “Well, there are only three people in the world, and your mom and I were busy toiling the earth. So I’m thinking it must have been you.”

Cain: “It wasn’t me.”

Adam: “I know you were jealous of Abel. Someone bashed him on the head with a rock.”

Cain: “So?”

Adam: “It was your pet rock.”

Cain: “How do you know it’s my rock?”

Adam: “It has your name on it.”

Cain: “That doesn’t mean anything.”

Adam: “And you’ve got blood on your hands.”

Cain: “Well, you see this thing I just made?”

Adam: “Yes. What is that?”

Cain: “I call it a glove. And if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”