The Washington Times - February 17, 2009, 10:26AM

British lawmakers are angrily demanding their Ministry of Defense explain how its flagship nuclear submarine collided with its French counterpart in the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month, the Independent is reporting.

Both subs were equipped with sonar that can spot a large fish, and both carried enough warheads to equal 1,200 Hiroshima bombings. No serious injuries or damage were reported in the collision.


As an ocean, the Atlantic is a bit on the large size.  Lots of water and room to maneuver.

Submarines get lonely, just like people, and tend to flock together.  It’s like when you’re the first person to enter an otherwise empty theater and take your seat, and the next person who enters sits directly in front of you.

Some wags say the subs were playing a game of chicken, but I think they were playing tag — and they were both “it.”