The Washington Times - February 5, 2009, 06:16AM

Scientists have uncovered the 60 million-y-ear-old remains of a 1 ton, 43-foot-long snake, Jennifer Harper is reporting.

The fossilized bones of the snake, dubbed Titanoboa cerrejonensis, were found in a coal mine at Cerrejon, Colombia, near the equator.


“This colossal, boa-constrictor-like creature stretched longer than a city bus and weighed more than a car. It’s the biggest snake the world has ever known,” a leading paleontologist said.

The world’s biggest snake?  Obviously he’s never met a Hollywood agent.

Paleontologists said the snake was so big that it would have to squeeze itself through a door frame, which is remarkable since there were only a couple door frames around 60 million years ago.

You know, in the movie “Anaconda,” the killer snake was 100 feet long, weighed 2 tons, could move as fast as an NFL cornerback and hunted people for sport.  So science has got a long way to go to pique my imagination.