The Washington Times - January 21, 2009, 07:27AM

The economic downturn is forcing Warner Bros. to cut its staffing by 10 percent, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

The entertainment company, which owns Bugs Bunny cartoons and produced “The Dark Knight,” is cutting 800 jobs across the board. About 300 will be laid off in the next few weeks, and 300 more will have to leave by the end of the year. The rest will face gradual layoffs over the next two years.


Warner Bros. probably won’t lay off Bugs — or Daffy Duck, for that matter.  But some of the other “under-performers” might get the axe.

What has the Tasmanian Devil done lately?  Besides managing the Detroit Lions?

Tweety Bird is probably safe, but how long can Sylvester the Cat remain in customer service with that lisp?

Elmer Fudd can always fall back on his first occupation — teaching English as a second language.  But Porky Pig had better beware: He’s just breakfast on the hoof.