The Washington Times - January 22, 2009, 09:19AM

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez says Fidel Castro watched Barack Obama’s inauguration and said the new U.S. president seems “like a man who is absolutely sincere,” the Age is reporting.

Fernandez, who was ending a four-day visit of Cuba, said the 82-year-old former Cuban leader “believes in Obama.”  She met briefly with Castro, who stepped down with health problems.


Castro himself issued a brief essay in which he said Obama is “honest.”

Is it praise when a dictator says you’re a good guy, even if lots of other people who aren’t dictators say the same thing?  It’s certainly not the kind of endorsement you’d ask for.

Fidel let his brother, Raul, take charge of Cuba when Fidel’s health problems hobbled him.  So communists can have a peaceful transfer of power too!

U.S.-Cuban relations have been frosty since the U.S. imposed an embargo on the communist nation more than four decades ago.  Obama is expected to reconsider and maybe even lessen the embargo’s restrictions.  So I guess Castro just wants to get on Obama’s good side.