The Washington Times - January 23, 2009, 09:29AM

House Republicans are accusing Democratic leaders of steamrolling an economic recovery bill through Congress without an opportunity for bipartisan input, Kara Rowland is reporting.

Republican leaders plan to meet with President Obama next week in hopes of getting a say in the $825 billion economic stimulus legislation.


Democrats say they are trying to act as quickly as possible because of the sinking economy.

When you’re the minority party in Congress, you’ve got have to have a set of coherent, cogent arguments in support of your opposition.  “Nuh huh” and “Not so fast” just don’t work.

It’s an easy bet: Whenever one party takes control of Congress, the other will accuse it of not being bipartisan.  Somebody should start the Bipartisan Party.

If bipartisanship is so good, why doesn’t anybody ever run as the bipartisan candidate?  “Hi, I’m Roger So-and-So and I am equally a Republican and a Democrat and a dedicated conservative liberal.  Vote for me.”

It seems the only way to ensure “bipartisanship” — regardless of who controls Congress — is to use “emergency” as the first word in the title of a bill.  Congress comes together only for an emergency.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.