The Washington Times - January 26, 2009, 06:28AM

The mayor of Portland, Ore., has decided not to resign after admitting to having had an affair with a teenage legislative intern four years ago, the Oregonian is reporting.

Mayor Sam Adams, who still faces a state criminal investigation, says he knows he has made a serious error that has disappointed many residents, “but I still think I have a positive contribution to make.”


Adams, the city’s first openly gay mayor, and his ex-lover Beau Breedlove, 21, both say they did not have sex when Breedlove was underage.

“I was not unfairly influenced by Sam,” says Breedlove, who is supportive of Adams. “I saw it as a friendship that crossed the line a couple of times.”

I had to do a double take on the former intern’s name, Beau Breedlove.  I thought I had seen that name before — in a Harlequin romance novel.

I don’t know what kind of mayor Sam Adams is, but I can say that he makes a mighty fine beer.

Thinking back on former Rep. Mark Foley’s indiscretion with congressional pages and now this scandal, I think legislative interns should wear signs around their necks to remind elected officials of the consequences of their actions.  Something like: “I’m an intern, and I’ll cost you 20,000 votes.”