The Washington Times - January 27, 2009, 06:10AM

Teenagers apparently threw rolls of streaming toilet paper around the Palm Beach property of scandalized financier Bernie Madoff to express their anger over losing their trust funds in his $50 billion Ponzi scheme, the Palm Beach Post is reporting.

Two teeangers called the Palm Beach Post to claim responsibility for the act, adding that they had their parents’ blessing.


Doesn’t really have the ring of retributive justice, does it?  Teenagers who now face the prospect of working for a living toilet-paper the home of a neighbor who is responsible for taking them off Easy Street.  Still, in these times, I guess it will have to do.

What’s really disappointing is that Madoff wasn’t even in his Palm Beach home at the time.  He’s under house arrest in his $7 million penthouse on Park Avenue in Manhattan.  AND he’d only hire someone to remove the toilet paper.