The Washington Times - January 29, 2009, 04:55PM

Disgraced financier Bernie Madoff is sick and tired of living under house arrest in his $7 million penthouse on Park Avenue, the New York Post is reporting.

Madoff, who is accused of bilking investors of $50 billion, complains that he’s a prisoner in his own home and he can’t go anywhere in New York.


Of course, he made that complaint while riding a golf cart from his bathroom to his sunroom.  So he still gets around.

I knew this would happen.  I knew he would get bored at home.  That’s one reason I said he should await trial in jail.  He’d meet lots of interesting, new people.  There would always be something to do — or run from.  He’d get lots of exercise and might even learn a new skill or two.  It wouldn’t have been dull.

There’s a limit to what you can do in a $7 million penthouse on Park Avenue.  And I’d like to find out what that limit is.  Personally.