The Washington Times - July 1, 2009, 06:41AM

Having conceded Minnesota’s long-contested U.S. Senate race to satirist Al Franken, former Sen. Norm Coleman appears to be considering a run for governor, the Minnesota Star Tribune is reporting.

Coleman has been asking his major donors “to hold off making any commitments to other candidates,” a University of Minnesota political scientist says.


The Senate election occurred about seven months ago, and Coleman eventually had to pay Franken $95,000 for court costs. So, to save time and money in the gubernatorial race, Coleman plans to run for election — and re-election — at the same time.

Coleman already has lost a gubernatorial race to an ex-professional wrestler, and now he’s lost a Senate race to a comedian. Maybe he should rethink his political options — and his state of residence.

In electing Al Franken to the U.S. Senate after having put Jesse “The Body” Ventura in the governor’s mansion, Minnesotans have shown that they still have a sense of humor when it comes to politics.