The Washington Times - July 21, 2009, 08:17AM

Filmmaker Bart Sibrel has long claimed that the moon landing was a hoax and has confronted astronauts and NASA officials with his charges, the Examiner is reporting.

But a video has emerged claiming that Sibrel has doctored in his Apollo imagery, the Examiner says. Side-by-side, frame-by-frame comparisons of audio and video from Apollo missions show that there is an Apollo hoax, and it’s not NASA’s.


You know, Buzz Aldrin once punched Sibrel in the face after he called the former astronaut a coward and a liar. Wonder if Buzz would like a second go at Sibrel now.

Apparently some people became suspicious of Sibrel’s methods when they discovered his video footage of Dino the Dinosaur winning last year’s Kentucky Derby.