The Washington Times - July 21, 2009, 09:05AM

Astronomers say a huge object, possibly a comet, has slammed into Jupiter, the AP is reporting.

The impact left a “scar” the size of the Earth, which has been spotted by NASA’s infrared telescope in Hawaii.


According to the Times of London, an amateur astronomer in England first spotted the mark on Jupiter and alerted NASA.

I guess NASA officials were busy watching “Deep Impact.”

Though the object hit Jupiter first, Jupiter did not hit back. Jupiter’s a big boy.

Whatever hit Jupiter, I just hope Lindsay Lohan wasn’t behind the wheel. That would be her third strike.

Some sky watchers say the object might have emerged from Neptune. On Jupiter, they’re calling this their Pearl Harbor.

Actually it might have been a “gift” from Pluto, who’s still upset about not being a planet anymore.