The Washington Times - July 22, 2009, 08:59AM

The Republican Party has settled with singer/songwriter Jackson Browne for using his song  “Running on Empty” in John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign ads, Billboard is reporting.

In the settelement, the GOP has promised not to use copyrighted material without an artist’s permission.


Personally I don’t know what the RNC was thinking in using Browne’s “Running on Empty” in the first place. 

Here’s the refrain: “Running on — running on empty/ Running on — running blind/ Running on — running into the sun/ But I’m running behind” 

That’s what the McCain campaign picked as its theme song? They could have sued Jackson Browne! For lameness!

I mean, for a political campaign, they couldn’t have picked a worse Jackson Browne song, except maybe “The Pretender.”