The Washington Times - June 10, 2009, 06:22AM

The comedy improv troupe Second City will have a special announcer for its satirical revue “Rod Blagojevich Superstar” — none other than the impeached former Illinois governor himself, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

Rod Blagojevich on Saturday will announce the show’s extension through August and will participate in the improv sesson afterward.


This one threw me.  I mean, how do you make a joke about a guy who’s going to be in a play that makes fun of his very public rise and fall?  It’s like hunting buffalo with cruise missiles.  It’s just not sporting.

There is one question that people ask each time a story emerges about Rod Blagojevich: What was he thinking?  Chalk up another one, Johnny.

Rod Blagojevich takes not having a clue to new heights.  Or depths.

The guy who plays Rod Blagojevich in “Superstar” has got the former governor’s hair down perfectly.  The only trouble is he has to return it to the kennel each night.

I have heard that Illinois’ health care costs have tripled in the past year because every single person who ever voted for Rod Blagojevich has gone in for a brain scan.