The Washington Times - June 10, 2009, 05:54AM

The reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has lost more than half of its viewers after having attracted 10 million viewers for its season premier, Radar is reporting.

The most recent episode — the show’s 100th — had been the subject of an advertising blitz and featured celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. But it only garnered 4.3 million viewers.


It looks like America is growing tired of watching a family with eight kids.  America would rather read about them in People magazine.  That’s a victory for reading.

People of a certain age might remember a TV show called “Eight Is Enough,” which was based on a true story about a widower with eight children.  It taught us all a very important lesson: Eight is too many.

There was speculation that the marital troubles Jon and Kate Gosselin have been dealing with lately were manufactured to improve their show’s ratings.  

Now that their ratings are slipping, you can expect one of two things — either a reconciliation or another baby.  Can you say “Jon & Kate Plus 9?”  Sure you can.

My daughter watches this show because she thinks the children are so cute.  If this show stays on long enough for most of the kids to become teens, she’ll change her tune.