The Washington Times - June 11, 2009, 09:05AM

Ford Motor Co. has won the biggest share of a $287 million contract to provide fuel-efficient vehicles for the federal government, which is heavily invested in Ford’s competitors, namely, Chrysler and General Motors, the New York Times is reporting.

Ford, which didn’t take any federal bailout money, will provide 7,924 cars for $129 million. GM will provide 6,348 cars for $105 million, and Chrysler 2,993 cars for $53 million.


A government spokeswoman said the vehicles were purchased under existing contracts and the government didn’t get any special owner’s discounts on the GM and Chrysler cars.

I think that the government, as the new owner of a business, doesn’t know it’s supposed to defeat its competitors, not help them out.

Does this mean that the government thinks Fords are better than Chryslers and GM cars?  Then what was the bailout for?

The government drops billions of public dollars on Chrysler and GM and doesn’t get a discount on vehicles it buys from them?  Those Chrysler and GM salesmen must be patting themselves on the back.  I’ll bet they even sold the undercoating treatment to the government.